Sunday, 1 October 2017

October's Challenge

Hello's me, Sandie ( aka Rhedd ) bringing you October's challenge. I don't know about you, but I really do love this time of the year, the trees and shrubs are all changing in to gorgeous reds, gold and browns and mossy greens..and dare I say it..we are only a couple months away from Christmas.!!!
This month we have 2 teamies Julie & Elaine taking time out for personal reasons, they will be back on board as soon as time allows....I'm sure you will join me in sending them our best wishes...

Last months challenge bought in some stunning entries..and you know it really is difficult just picking out one Winner and Runner Up...but we do have our  Design Team Favourite as well.
So lets start with last months selections....drum roll please....


No.13 Kim Costello

Runner- Up

No.19 Senna

Design Team Favourite

No.24 Lys

Congratulations ladies...fabulous projects....remember to take your respective badges from our side bar and link us to your blog... I hope you will continue to enter our challenges as there is always the chance to be selected again....x

Now, take a look at our Design Team projects this month..we hope that they inspire you to play along in our challenge...we would love you to visit and leave some love on their girls need blog love too.....


Apothecary Cabinet
Drop by my blog for more images....


An empty plastic bucket

becomes a rustic hone decor piece with handmade Hydrangeas


Altered Perfume Bottle with a new glass stopper.


Steampunk Canvas.

We hope you will join us again this month with more of your fabulous projects.....please link your project below....Thank you...x

Friday, 1 September 2017

September's Challenge & Mid Month Tutorial.

I would love you all to check out my tutorial for my project this lovely ornament of a Wooden Chunky Atc on Driftwood.

                                         You can find it HERE 

Hi's me Sandie (aka Rhedd) bringing you this months challenge...and I will be posting a picture tutorial for my project mid I do hope you will all check back for a look...

But first let me bring you the Winner & Runner up of our August Challenge...and I have to say every entry was awesome..truly lovely creations....and Julie being our host for that challenge got to choose and that wasn't easy...
So here we go.....                
                                             Winner No.6 Judy

                                          Runner Up No.15 Nora

Congratulations sure to grab your badges from our side bar and link us to your blog.

Time now to let you know our Design Team Favourite....and that is

                                                    No.23 Louise

Congratulations Louise, be sure to take your badge from our side bar and link us to your blog.

So just take a look at what the design team have created for your inspiration..I'm sure you will agree their projects are gorgeous. Be sure to pop along and give leave the teamies some love on their blogs

                                              Sandie (aka Rhedd)

                                   Wooden Chunky Atc and Driftwood
                              Check back mid month for picture tutorial


                                                 From an empty carton

to a Shabby Rust flower vase


                                   Beautiful memory boxes for the baby.


                                           An old Wooden Trinket box

gets a makeover


                               Luscious canvas leftovers and a little wood

Please add the link for to your project below and we will visit and leave you some love....have fun..x

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

August Tutorial

You can find our August Challenge HERE

August Tutorial

Hello, it's Julie!
It's tutorial day.
I hope you enjoy my experiments.

I enjoy adding decor pieces to our home.
Do you?

We have been renovating our home over the past 4 years.
It's gone from country style 
to a lot sleeker with a Moroccan feel.

The decor change began with this gorgeous light.

After distress finishing the dining table recently with chalk paint,
I bought a bowl,

then I made a canvas runner,
which I shared with you on August 1st.

I loved it
So I've added placemats.


Please let me know if you were inspired to try this process yourself.
I would love your feedback.

What's next?
We are remodelling outside now too!
It's fantastic what you can do with little money but a
lot of imagination.

Until next time 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

August Challenge

Greetings Everyone!
It's Julie hosting this month's challenge.
Over on our side of the world
Spring is making her colourful appearance!

As always we start the post each month highlighting our Winner, Runner Up & Design Team Choice, it is always a difficult process as all the entries are always so awesome and it does make choosing difficult.
Sammy hosted the challenge for July and these are her choices

Winner No.24...Jana.K

Runner Up No.19 Ann Chuang

Dt Choice
The entry chosen by our design team is

 No 2 Pooja Sharma

Beautiful projects..please take your badges and display them on your blog with a link back to us..remember you always have the chance to be selected again in future challenges.

Now lets see what we've been up to!

From packaging to a

Faux Log Candle Holder


Owl Frame & Company

Altered Box Canvas


Configuration Box

Canvas Table Runner

We hope you are feeling inspired.
Please visit our blogs and leave us some love too!

The aim of our Challenge is always Altered and Upcycled!
We love seeing the diversity of art that you share with us.

This month I pushed myself into a whole new area.
I'll be back mid month to share my tutorial.
Until then - keep making art!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

July tutorial

You can find this month's challenge HERE


Good morning all, Sammy here with a mid-month tutorial for you all.

For the challenge this month, I did a trio of mixed media canvases.

So I thought I'd share with you how I made them.

Each canvas is just under 6" square, which is my personal ideal size and shape to play with. If you have trouble finding the size canvas you like working with for a reasonable price, check your local charity/goodwill shops. That's what I did here. I bought a set of 3 pre-printed canvases for £1.25. bargain! All you need to do is liberally apply Gesso...

As you can see, after only one coat, the previous design still shines through, but depending on the opacity of the Gesso you're using, usually after 3 or 4 coats it is brilliantly white (or you can use black, if you're going for a darker piece) and ready for you to create on.

I started off by adding a stencilled texture paste pattern to the canvas, then dug around my stash for the embellishments I wanted to use. It's always a good idea to place the pieces on your canvas to decide on composition before you commit to anything.

As you can see, there's a variety of shapes and textures, and even some things you might not immediately think of as craft supplies! Remember that the colour of the items doesn't matter, as the next step is to Gesso it all.
I Gessoed everything but the flowers and the metal charm, and adhered them to the canvas.
then it was a simple matter of sprinkling some pigments, spraying with water and adding the charm and flowers back in (which I wanted to keep white, hence waiting to add them until after the pigment step).

A sentiment sticker, edged in black and a couple of gems finish the piece off nicely. If you want your piece to last, and want it to withstand dusting/people prodding at it, I would recommend using a spray sealant to protect it, and to stop the pigments from coming off again, as they return to being quite crumbly when they dry. I would NOT recommend hairspray, as I have it on good authority this turns yellow after a while!

To make a matching set, just use similar "ingredients", varying them a little and changing up the composition a bit. Then use the same colours on each, which will give it a cohesive look.

When deciding where to sprinkle your pigments, look for places with lots of crevasses, like the ornate resin frames I used, and absorbent surfaces like lace or other fabrics. The pigments will take beautifully to those areas, and add a lot of depth to your finished piece.

And that's it from me. I hope you've found something useful in the steps above, and if you decide to have a go yourself, please do come and share it with us in our challenge!

Have a lovely day!


Saturday, 1 July 2017

July's Challenge

An important note from Sandie (aka Rhedd)...
I have noticed over the last few challenges that some entries that are projects for other design teams are not giving Rhedd's Creative Spirit in no mention of "sharing" or "entering" their projects in to our challenges, just our blog link at the very end of their blog post.
We all love to share our creations in Blogland, so credit where credit is due.
If you would like a comment from myself or my team, could you please credit us to your entry as we do when we enter other challenges...
Thank you for reading...x


Hello, it's Sammy here bringing you July's Challenge.
Our designers have some fabulous creations to show you, we are hoping they will inspire you enough to play along, you always have the chance of being our Winner again, just because you have won before doesn't mean you can't get chosen again..the same applies to the Runner Up and Design Team Favourite.....
It was Sandie ( aka Rhedd ) who hosted June's challenge, so she had the very difficult job of selecting a Winner and Runner-up from all the fab entries...but choose she did and they are.....
                                                   No.9   Valerie-Jael

Runner Up
                                                       No.16   Nora

Aren't they just gorgeous? 

Congratulations Ladies....please don't forget to take your badges and link us to your blog....We hope you will play along with us again.

                          Our Design Team Favourite is.....                                                                           
                                                     No.21.   Lys

Congratulations, a stunning sure to take your badge and link us to your blog.

The Design Team at Rhedds have created some real beauties for your inspiration this month....we hope they inspire you enough to join in with this months challenge.


                                              More images on my blog

From a broken wooden strip and a bunch of unwanted CDs...

to a colourful kitchen decor

Bottle of sea treasures revamped.

Trio of mixed media canvases

Be sure to check back on the 15th for a step-by-step of one of the canvases!

And now it's your turn. Link up your project using the linky tool below. We can't wait to see your altered art and mixed media creations!